Play Time

We stock a very wide range of top-quality products - here are just a few

We stock a wide range of KONG Toys, from cuddly to the rubber interactive


Frogg are fun, durable dog toys created by canine behaviourists to keep dogs mentally stimulated, relieve boredom and bring them joy – whether they’re fetching, tugging, snuffling or chewing their heart out! They're also completely dishwasher friendly!

We stock a wide range of Chuckit toys

From the traditional balls and throwers

To the frisbee's and soft rings

Puppy Section

From the Sheep with a "Beats like a real Heart to "Warm" Pup

Lots of different toys and chews to keep your puppy happy and occupied

Interactive Section

Lick mats
  • Ideal for cats, puppies and dogs
  • Keep your pet entertained with tasty treats
  • Spread your pet's favorite healthy soft treat over mat surface which will soothe and calm your pet through licking
  • Enjoy small treats without overfeeding

We have interactive toys in soft and hard materials