Doggy Dinner Time

Top Quality Products for your Pets

We have our own branded top quality food available in four lines for Puppies, Adults and Senior in a range of flavours including Beef, Salmon, Chicken, Turkey and Duck

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Akela Dog food is rated between 85% to 97% on

and ranked 1st on

We stock a wide range, from "Small Paws to Large Paws" Chicken, Salmon, Duck and Original, 1.5kg and 10kg

We now also stock Akela treats

YORA is a complete and balanced insect based dog food, ethical and sustainable. It's proving more and more popular

Available in 

Puppy 1.5kg   Senior/Light 1.5kg/12kg   All Breads 1.5kg/12kg

Small Breeds 1.5kg/6kg

Some of our customer also find YORA easier for their dogs to digest, so YORA is also good for the more sensitive eaters

Rated 76% on

Also available - Protein Bars and Reward biscuits!

Dog Bowls

We stock all sorts of different bowls, including slow feeders and height-adjustable bowls

 Always looking out for new designs so pop into our shop to see what's in